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Initial release: LinkSpotters 1.0

Release on October 20th 2013 this marked the start of at public version of LinkSpotters – having been in a closed beta state for some months prior to release.

v. 1.0 featured basic features such as:

  • Implementation of SpotScore (and user levels based on SpotScore) and SpotPoints (on links)
  • Adding a link
  • Auto fetching link title and thumbnails from the source
  • Filtering links
  • Top filter
    • Popular (sorted on aggregated SpotPoints)
    • Discussed (sorted by most comment on links within the last 24 hours)
    • Newest (sorted by add-date)
    • Following (viewing only links by users you are following)
    • Favourites (showing only links you have saved as favourites)
  • Media
    • Image
    • Video
    • Text/Article
    • Audio
    • Multi
  • Categories
    • Business
    • Cool
    • Fun
    • Gaming
    • History
    • Music
    • People
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Science
    • Sports
    • Wtf?!
  • Notifications
    • A user comments on one of my links
    • A user comments on a link listed in my favourites
    • A user comments on a link that I have also commented
    • I get a new follower
    • A user have stopped following me
    • When one of the users I follow posts a new link
    • I reach a new level
  • Settings
    • Upload /change profile picture
    • Set default link filter when login in or clicking the top logo
    • Enable/disable types of notifications
    • Getting an alias (
    • Picking a theme as background
  • Follow/unfollow other users
  • User search
  • Entity Maker
    • A basic tool to upload images (via imgur), write an article, show one or more YouTube-videos or all things mentioned combined.
  • Reporting of links and comments if users find that they violate the TOS.

LinkSpotters 1.1

Released November 23rd 2013 and adds lots of new features, design updates and bug fixes.

  • New design of the Entity Maker (change from NICedit to TinyMCE editor. (some changes was done prior to release of v.1.1.)
  • Users can divide their votes (on links) in to five levels depending on how good they think the link is. There’s also a possibility to enter a number from 0 – SpotPower. Users registered before v.1.1 will thus have an advantage which is considered negligible.
  • It’s also possible to cancel you current vote or change its direction completely.
  • The “Linkbox” (which includes all info about the link) now includes the user’s profile pic.
  • Comments
    • If a comment has been edited a small “Edited”-symbol is shown.
    • A help document for formatting comments has been made public.
    • Comment votes (+/- 1)
    • Top comments
    • If a comment has more than 10 up-votes, it becomes a top comment. Two comments can be top comments at the same time.
  • SubLinks (short for substance links).
    • Users can add links that add substance to a given link.
    • Guests can see SubLinks
  • When adding a link
    • The suggested title (which was previously fetched into the title field) when adding a link, is now shown above the title field, and the user can choose to ‘transfer’ it of ignore it.
    • Flags has been added to when choosing country when adding a link.
  • Users can now delete their own links and their own Entities.
  • Major design updates in the mobile version of LinkSpotters.
  • When clicking on a user, the page address is always if an alias has been chosen.
  • Bug fixes

LinkSpotters 1.2

Released December 23rd 2013 and mainly a design update

  • Left- and right menu was removed and integrated in the header and a new box (with fixed positioning) at the top of the page.
    • Language subscriptions are thus moved to the settings page
  • New dedicated sign-up page (which was part of the left menu before)
  • New and ligher colors throughout the site.
  • Lighter look of the top filters
  • User image of the user who posted the link increased in size.
  • When adding a link and no thumbnails are shown from the given link, the user are now able to add another source for thumbnails.
  • Complete re-design of the like/dislike-button (comments)
  • Other small UI updates and bug fixes

LinkSpotters 2.0

Released June 22nd 2014

  • Radical new design of the box in where the link information is shows (the "LinkBox" in LinkSpotters-lingo). Links are now shown in "decks" on the front page and on user pages.
  • Users are now able to choose from a range of different languages on LinkSpotters. These are:
    • English
    • Danish
    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
    • Portuguese
  • It is no longer possible to down-vote links.
  • Improved performance on tablets - especially iPad.
  • The site has increased 200 pixels in width.
  • The comment-section has gotten a big graphical overhaul.
  • Re-design of how notifications are shown.
  • When adding a link to an Entity with an embedded YouTube video, the user are presented with a thumbnail from that video.
  • Bug fixes and a lot of other small improvements.

LinkSpotters 2.1

Released August 23rd 2014

  • Quick share option added on the front page.
  • Link description, category and media type are now optional.
  • Bug fixes and a lot of other small improvements.

LinkSpotters 2.1.1

Released December 15th 2014

  • Enhanced user experience and navigation
  • "Follow link" has been replaced by "Play", "Read" etc. depending on media type
  • YouTube-videos and pictures (direct link) are now embedded in the page (desktop-version)
  • It's now more easy to add additional info to links posted with the quick share option on the front page
  • Various bug fixes

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